Flowers for a Revolution

In this life, there are boundless opportunities to make more of a situation. This generally begins with a little bit of service, generosity of spirit or material goods; and results in an exponential multitude of love given and received right back where it started.


In general, my posts are consistent- flower features based on my lovely brides & grooms, unique blooms, and stories of their day. For a special cause, I am breaking routine and bending your ear- for as we have something to offer, you have something to gain :)

By clicking this link or the image above you, will be able to bid on our flowers for your wedding at a deeply discounted price. We are part of a industry-wide collaboration to benefit one of our own. Besides flowers from Rae Florae, there are auctions currently running for DJ’s, photographers, invitations, and everything else you could possibly need for your wedding. Take advantage of the amazing vendors who want to be a part of something good and need you to bid on our offerings to complete the circle of support.


Please, check out the following blogs for more information.. and inspiration.
Your wedding can be part of an even bigger picture-make a contribution that befits a celebration of your love!! BTW, Bidding ends this FRIDAY, May 7th so hop to!! 

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