Charise Ladwig

Beauty + Love + Colors + Everything Wedding!
One of the very first weddings I ever helped to create is etched in my memory and has influenced my everlasting love of flowers.. Upon delivering her bouquet to the Bridal Suite, I watched as this lovely girl was so overcome with happiness she cried… I knew then this was the start of not only a beautiful day, but also a path for me. I never tire of seeing bride’s faces light up with joy and excitement.
As a florist, we get to contribute to such a sacred moment- the union of two people. A bride and groom make so many decisions together, their wedding is truly a reflection of them as a couple. In this one day they make real what they have dreamed of for so long, creating memories that will be captured to remember for years to come.
It’s easy for me to see the hand of God in each flower- the uniqueness of each blossom is special, just as each couple and each wedding. It’s a joy for me to be part of the vision coming to life as we take individual blooms and put them all together,creating an equally unique, grander picture.
We are so blessed to live in San Diego! Our destination city gives us AMAZING weather, vast venue options for beautiful weddings to suit each taste, and access to all varieties of flowers throughout the year, those grown locally and brought in from around the world. I am honored to use them and to share with you in the celebration of your beautiful new life on your wedding day.
xo, Charise