Buttons for Becca

Just over a month ago Becca & Ben celebrated at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla, but it was over a year ago that we started planning for this funky fete. Becca and Ben hail from NY and love hitting up those famous New England flea markets for kitschy vintage flair, especially with the excuse of “it’s for the wedding” :)

We started with daisies of every color, threw in some bright kermit mums and tied it all together with Miami Blue polkadot ribbon. Each bridesmaid bouquet featured gerberas in all one color and a single vintage button from Becca’s collection.

Of course, Becca’s bridal bouquet was button bedazzled with dots upon dots!

Appropriate for the bride… mixed white gerberas, miniature gerberas in each bridesmaid color and miniature chamomile feverfew blossoms for softness.. and yes, that does look like a Big Boy foot in the background.

Black linens with white napkins and sashes clean the slate for the colorful gerber daisies to Pop! Becca & Ben’s collected vintage bottles were the perfect centerpiece vases- no two were the same.

Bringing the polka full circle, we tied the napkins with a mini version of the ribbon used on the Bride & Bridesmaid bouquets and added a single chamomile blossom just for fun.

Thanks, Jared!
Jared Bauman of Bauman Photographers gets the credit for these awesome photos, see more at www.baumanphotographers.com

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