Walk in the Vines

Ode to grape lovers..
Gina & Mike were up for a wine stomp and romp at their wedding in Temecula’s Leonesse Cellars. It was a windy, but stunning day captured by Louis Palos Studio…

White freesia and antique peach garden roses blend beautifully in this hand-tied bouquet.

Irridescent blue-purple dresses set off these bouquets of green hydrangea, mini green cymbidiums, star of bethlehem, and creamy white roses.

the happy couple :)

Hanging vases of mini roses and white-purple snapdragons from navy ribbon on iron shepherd hooks lining the aisle..

Centerpieces of roses, berries, hydrangea, and a fun mix of magnolia and juniper foliage..

More centerpieces of submerged globe grapes and casablanca lilies to fill the outside courtyard with a touch of fragrance..

There were TWO awesome cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. but for the moment, you’ll have to check their website to see those!
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