Summertime in the Woods

Kim and Gabe are a genuinely lovely, lovely couple- desiring only the brightest and most festive that summer has to offer, we went straight for the gerberas! All you see is neon amid a lush forest setting at the Mt. Woodson Castle in Ramona. The contrast was awesome, brought together by a touch of chocolate brown…

Going in reverse order for this week’s post, we’ll start with the fun cake! Flowers would only add to the chaos of that cool pattern, so we kept it simple with fresh blooms all over the table.
You can see what I mean about Neon! Picotee (2 colors on each petal) gerberas in orange/yellow, fuchsia/yellow alstroemeria, orange mini gerberas, and baby green hydrangea..

Pale lemon gerberas with a ring of pink at the center soften the coral and mango shades, and the huge dark green hydrangea foliage is a perfect match to the deep green glen environment.

Sweet vows under our rustic wrought iron arch and a pathway border of bright gerbera daisies growing right out of the grass :)

Close-up pic of the arch shows it’s thorough covering of intertwining gerbera daisy stems of every size and color tied with ribbon streamers in orange, ivory, and chocolate. What fun to stand under that on a pleasantly breezy day!
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