Rusty and Right for Fall

Alicia & Derek went for a tonal palette of deep to light oranges, rusty ruddy oranges and reds, with tons of texture. I know it looks a bit redundant, but I couldn’t get enough of Eddie B’s bouquet shots- so I’m posting them all! Thanks for making my art look even more artistic!! Eddie’s angles and framing are unbeatable!

Macro view of red flame callas, mini roses, orange mokara orchids, echinacea coneflowers, red hypericum coffee berry, and orange dahlias.
Such a sweet repose… feels like such a feminine shot of the bride and her bouquet.
& then this killer! So strong in comparison! love the variety.
Bridesmaids': miniature spray roses, hypericum berry, and brick red safari sunset.
happy faces, happy flowers :)
Blue skies and a breezy day on Coronado Island were perfect for setting off the bamboo poles and ribbon streamers marking their ceremony space in an arc around the wedding party.
Centerpieces of glass square vases filled with seasonal orange marigolds, the mini roses, magenta coxcomb and celosia for that vibrant pop, hypericum berries, tiger lilies for a touch of exotica, and local eucalyptus for a graceful bit of foliage.
Ah, the cake- lots of lilies! and custom swirls courtesy of Sweet Cheeks.
Tiger lilies and gloriosa lilies combine for a POW! of color.
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4 Responses to Rusty and Right for Fall

  1. Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) says:

    Thanks, Paula. You guys did an amazing job – as usual! : )

  2. Paula-Paula, you are a dynamo! Beautiful, and the colors with those brides' maids dresses is outstanding.

  3. Flower Design Jane says:

    Loving the autumnal tones, the bridal bouquet is exquisite

  4. Paula Rae says:

    Hey Thanks!! Glad everyone likes it!!

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