I’ll have the Coral with a side of Pearls & Feathers, please.

Chelsea and Ryan truly set their day of love aglow from start to finish- corals and candles to sparklers and getaway cars…

Bride’s bouquet ~ wisps of feather, creamy cymbidiums and soft apricot garden spray roses.
Lace and pearls romance the ring of history, majolica roses drape gracefully.
Sumptuous, right? That shade of coral and the wrap bodice- bouquets of hydrangea, monkey tails, and roses complete the vision.
Hi cutie with orchids in your hair!!
Ok, I love my job, but Brant Bender, you photographer, you.. the flowers are awesome through your lens!!
Fragrant casablancas for the ceremony – and so crisp looking against that coral.
Hello romance, can I get married under you?
Passion vine and big ol’ garden roses.. what better way to frame the ceremony?
What a view! Note the difference a pinspot can make and the generous wood dancefloor- benefits of a great venue!
Dahlias, james storey orchids, hydrangea, monkey tails, coxcomb, feathers, candles, do go on…
Low florals to mimic the tall arrangement style with a variation in height.
Befitting stylish sweethearts ~ Bride & Groom chairs adorned by strands of pearls and rose blooms.
Mmmm spun cake n’ petals on a gorgeously swirled linen..
Blingety bling bling. Bedazzle me a dessert server, baby!
SWAK! Congrats Chelsea & Ryan!
Venue: Prado at Balboa Park
Photos: Brant Bender Photography
Coordination: A Dream Wedding by Sharon Cole
Linens: A Perfect Table
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One Response to I’ll have the Coral with a side of Pearls & Feathers, please.

  1. Beautful work. The flowers are so lovely, adore the peach colors and the little one with orchids in her hair!

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