Crimson Cran & Celery

Back to the bold! Deep dahlias, callas, and cymbidium orchids on a bed of celadon amaranthus…

Bridesmaid Bouquets of purple and citron orchid blooms in tufts of furry green dianthus.
Kate & Randy, so sweet on each other :) Love her dangle earrings with the orchid bloom just above, and the ruffly one-shoulder dress, to boot!
Ribbon streamers, wild willow, and palm fronds, alongside the mahogany bamboo of their ethereal & asymmetrical backdrop…A wooden ring bearer box of shells and cymbidiums.
Major shot of the whole crew- such a gorgeous day out at Sunset Cliffs, my personal home town ‘hood of Ocean Beach.
Detail of the altar space flowers.. deep grape lilies and green dendrobium orchids spring from oversize monstera leaves..Hello sweetheart.
What a lovely bouquet you have there.
Time to party- succulents and sea glass with the occasional shell break the mold of traditional table displays.More wild palm fronds, copper sunflower heads, blue hydrangea, lime cymbidiums, and cranberry dahlias on a bed of blue glass add edge to the reception’s funky feel.Can’t go wrong with a mass of dahlias on top and palms flaring at the cake’s base.
Obviously, thank you to Acqua Photo for the pictures!
Coordination by Melissa Barrad @ I Do Weddings
Awesome downtown, waterfront reception location @ Star of the Sea
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