Happy Halloween!!

By the power of Greyskull! or pinkskull, lavenderskull, greenskull..
Rae Florae wishes you a spook-takular-ly sunny Halloween!
Recently I went to visit my friend Suzanne Hansen of She Wanders Photography and just inside the front door I spied this amazing chair!! Covered from top to bottom in hot pink soft fuzzy yarn by the talented girls of Sitting in a Tree..
my imagination immediately started running with the funky festive banner of boneheads!
I wanted to take that hot shade of pink and twist it around – black and red.. the colors of a scary halloween movie, but rate it PG-13 with young feminine flowers, and a kick of hot sauce..

Just in for the season, shiny hot chili peppers with their perfect points of tonal black and red..
In direct contrast, Pink Mink Proteas wrapping it up like a feather boa costume, super soft and fluffy you could use it as a make-up pouf for your sparkle dust.

Love that tiny tip of black on each protea petal picking up on the black chili!

Flames of magenta celosia and coral red coxcomb complete the fiery bouquet.

& for your He-Man, a boutonniere of celosia and chili peppers in black satin- just tell him it’s a flower version of Cholula meets Dracula ;)

Funky monkey says be nice with the tricks, kitty bitty says brush your teeth after your treats..

I say thanks to Suzanne for indulging my whim of halloween fun!
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2 Responses to Happy Halloween!!

  1. shewa says:

    what a fun shoot! thanks for your creative take on Halloween, i love that my little crazy set up inspired something so fun in you. love it! s

  2. Paula Rae says:

    Me too! hip hip for spontaneity!

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