Pinky French DIY!

Happy Get-Ready-for-Valentines!
In conjunction with Krystel of Couture Events & Nichole of Nic.Roc Designs, we created an entire table setting for any happy couple who loves champagne and dreams of Paris..
You can see the entire table design in it’s current feature at The Knotty Bride Blog!
Here on our space we’ll show you the step-by-step for creating your own pretty in pink centerpiece!
happy can-do attitude :)
3 stems White Hydrangea
12-15 stems Pink Garden Roses
1 sweet ceramic or glass footed urn
1 pair floral clippers
scotch tape
floral wire
sheer gold ribbon
round decorative photo frame
6 water tubes
Step 1: Create a criss-cross with the scotch tape over the vase, creating a grid to hold the flowers steady. Trim hydrangea of their lower leaves, then cut each stem at an angle.
Step 2: Fill the vase with water and place cut hydrangea stems into the vase so they fit together as a trio. Tuck feathers in between the 3 heads of hydrangea.

Step 3: Take 1 piece of floral wire and at a point about 3 inches down, make a round bend and with a twisting motion, wind around the length of wire to create a loop.

Step 4: Cut one of your garden roses high on the stem, just below the head, and thread it onto the non-looped end of your wire. Pressing the wire through the petals, rather than the stem, will be much easier and create a better effect in the end.

Step 5: Repeat this with as many roses as you need to create the right length collar for your vase. Finish your collar the same way you started, by twisting the wire back around itself, making a loop at the end.
Step 6: Thread your ribbon through both loops of wire and tie it securely in a bow around your vase!

Step 7: Remove the back cover and front glass from your decorative picture frame. Then, trim your remaining roses to a short length that will fit inside your frame’s center, and in your water tubes.

Step 8: Spiral your water tubes, fanning the rose blooms out in a circle atop the frame.

Step 9: Gently place your urn directly on top of the water tubes, if you’ve chosen your vase and frame appropriately, it should nestle right in safely.

Step 10: Voila! Enjoy your day l’amour!

Thank you to Erica of Acres of Hope Photography for the beautiful images to share with everyone!!
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2 Responses to Pinky French DIY!

  1. Krystel {Couture Events} says:

    So amazing!!!!!! Love, love, love this DIY inspiration! Thank you so much for working with us on this inspirations! I adore all that you do! Thanks again!

  2. Love the white hydrangeas!! Such a cute DIY idea!

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