Rae Florae

Rae – proper noun, pronounced ‘ray’, Feminine name

Florae – noun, pronounced ‘flo-ray’, Plural for flora: 1. the plant life characteristic to a region or time period, 2. Greek Goddess of flowers.

Let’s get creative!

We are in the business of expanding your inspiration; together drawing a complete picture for your floral design that encompasses all you hoped for plus new twists that will make it truly special and uniquely yours. We love to work on projects that push the limits of color combination and toe the line of plausible textural tapestry. If it sounds risky, fresh, organic, raw, or bold, then let us at it. Likewise, if it’s sweet, fantastical, clean, romantic, classic, or elegant, let us sweep it off its feet.

It’s all about the innovation and love of flowers.