Summer’s Sweet Simplicity

Oh yellow white and green, how do I love thee, so fresh and so cleanclean, and yet soft like a field of dandelions… well, Jamie & George knew how to do it right- from ultra fun bridesmaid dresses and mexican fiesta beer on the patio, to Lady Dottie and the Diamonds for a live band reception.. their ecologically conscious wedding was a hoot. Thank you for the amazing photos Susan Yee for En Pointe Photography.

Sweet satisfaction- white lilac and ranunculus with chamomile, locally grown and perfectly in season.

Feel that fearless color surge!

Standing by the sea, surrounded by blooming dogwood branches and wildflowers in mossy cones…

Detail perspective of snaps and wax flower…

Oh happy day.

Centerpieces of yellow, gold, white and grey-

Varying combos of dusty miller and ranunculus, hydrangea, and feverfew chamomile.

& how about this as a “green” (and green) wedding favor- reusable cloth bags!

Where would we be without cupcakes?

don’t answer that- Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. to the rescue.

A little bit a’ soul and Sol to make memories that last forever..

Our happy couple..

Oh wait.. you meant this happy couple ;) Congratulations J & G!!
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