Where have you been all my life?? or at least this month??

I know, you’re just waiting.. waiting to see what we’ve been up to all month, all summer long! And I just want you to know, you will NOT be disappointed!! We have been loving on flowers and bling and herbs and wildflowers and neon and candles and draped organza and all kinds of other fun stuff!!! And you know that my favorite part (right after seeing the bride sooo happy with her bouquet and centerpieces..) is sharing every moment and every creation with you, my flower readers!

so, with no further ado, I bring you, back on the blog, another wedding (big surprise)…
but it’s super backyard style!!!

The lovely and soo sweet Kristen carried a bouquet of coral and peach, orange, lime, white and a hint of purple- doesn’t it scream summer? xox

Bridesmaids dressed in indigo purple carried a contrasting bouquet of orange mokara orchids and baby green hydrangea.. on a side note, I seem to be in love with hydrangea leaves lately! I’ve been letting them hang out all over the place! Watch for hanging leaves in all my summer weddings to be posted over the next couple months..

These crazy and vibrant floral arrangements stood in front of the coolest window pane backdrop for their wedding ceremony “altar space” at the church. The colors were rockin- from purple to orange and green in every pantone hue.. heliconia, snap dragons, bells of ireland, statice.. leave no flower unnoticed in our scrolled iron stands.

Ah, the sweetness of a true backyard wedding.. together with Continental Catering, we transformed the back patio and poolside deck.. So simple and fresh- ranunculus and statice in eucalyptus and gardenia foliage.

The cool and soothing effects of blue glass and fresh lavender stems for aromatherapy were appreciated in the hot sun of Rancho Santa Fe, though I heard there was some late night swimming, too ;)
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