Flames of Flowers

Victoria & Balasz wanted to celebrate their wedding in a very intimate manner… after being friends for a long while, the time had come to bring the family from near and far to sit around one long table…
Our beautiful bride, Victoria. In graceful repose on an adorable chaise at the La Jolla Darlington House.
Handsome groom Balasz’s boutonniere of two red mini-garden roses and a cymbidium orchid.
Unassuming, naturally designed ceremony flowers to encircle the couple as they said their vows before family and friends in the Darlington courtyard…
Warm color palette of peach, rusty oranges and burnt browns and reds- lilies, hops, safari sunset, eucalyptus, roses, coffee berry, and antique hydrangea in scrolled iron stands. So begins our long tables… the Head Table punctuated by black budvases of bright red dahlias and floating candles.
Various textures and colors interplay down the length of our sweeping guest tables.
Bright yellow cymbidium orchids in a scattered bed of natural river pebbles..
Classic red garden spray roses drape diagonally for a new perspective.
Detail shot of Cobra Lilies- just one of the many unique flowers chosen to add diversity and depth in our arrangements- nothing ordinary about these tubular shaped specimens!
Congratulations Victoria & Balasz~ many blessings to you!
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