Nature’s Texture

Christy’s flavor for organic movement in the flowers, earthy colors, and stylized beauty was a story told best by her flowing bouquet of hellebores, orchids, fiddleheads, lisianthus, dahlias, and berzilia…
Contrasting simplicity of the Bridesmaids suited their royal purple dresses- papyrus flairs out around baby succulents, hydrangea, orchids, and lisianthus.
Outdoor decorations were simple clusters of kiwi branches, equisetum, lisianthus, and berzilia along the railing above their ceremony.
Table centerpieces of glass vases wrapped with variegated leaves surrounded by flows of polished river rock…
Hydrangea, dahlias, thistle, cymbidiums, coneflower, creamy coffee berries, strawflower, sew shades of blue, indigo, green, white, and pops of orange into the lovely Loggia Room at the Prado Balboa Park.A favorite flower for the couple and their family- Birds of Paradise- true to San Diego as their destination wedding location, adorned the cake with pizazz :)
Christy & Philip were one of the most enthusiastic couples I have ever been blessed to meet, so designing their wedding was an absolute work of artistic gratitude :) I wish them many, many years of happiness.. xo
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