Yacht me to the moon.

Ok, this wedding has been made nearly famous with the number of posts and declarations of fun we’ve gotten as a response! So here it is, without further bowline or buoy pulls, live on our blog- Enjoy!
Lucky ducks Alex & Kelly had a blast decking out their home turf, the local Mission Bay Yacht Club. Bright colors and summer flavors kept the guests hoppin’ for the all night long live band~
Bridesmaid bouquets of baby green hydrangea, orange & yellow bicolor tulips, with pin cushion protea to pop on the classic black.Lovin’ on the crayola color palette…
Yellow mini callas, orange tulips, gerberas, and chamomile for Kelly’s bouquet.Mr. Doggie likes orange, too, so we gave him a big bow- He handled it well :)
This photo cracks me up every time I look at it- so spontaneous and funny, caught in the act of who knows what…
The outdoor railing at the Yacht Club got the gerbera treatment- like white and yellow sunshines tied up with ribbon to blow in the breeze.
Ah, the quintessential mason jar!
Tulips, daisies, white scabiosa, and more protea..
Credit to Kelly, Alex, and all their friends for diligently saving nearly 100 jars!
So fun with the matching lanterns strung above the picnic tables!

Oh gingham, we meet again, you with your checks and cheery disposition.
Ahoy! Congrats K + A!
Thank you to Theorie for the fantabulous photos!
& Cynthia Zatkin’s CZ Events for a very smooth ride all day through.
For more images of this wedding, go see the blogs for California Wedding Wave or Anthologie Weddings
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