Veritable Valentine

Welcome to Jenny & David’s swanky celebration of marriage! Takin’ you back in time to the day of love…
Jenny loves the spectrum of grape to regal purple anemones and classic red roses- a modern and bold combination, only improved upon by the bitty crystaline glamour and clean ivory ribbon wrap.
The Bride & her ladies! Lookin’ fab in the sun sippin’ champagne!
We love our pretty personals- boutonnieres and corsages in our signature vintage wooden delivery boxes.
David, our stylin’ groom- such a sweetheart, he even ordered fresh tulips for Jenny to be delivered in the morning as a special surprise!! xo!
Did I already mention that I love the oversaturated light of these pics??
That and the wide aisle of soft white rose petals :)
Manzanita branches and white phalaenopsis, dried hydrangea and red roses in tall glass create a contemporary, windswept feeling space for the ceremony.
Thoughtful single rose stems for their mom’s…
Honestly, this pictures is an homage to the officiant’s cowboy hat. So authentically Texan.
David & Jenny are true romantics at heart and wanted their Valentine’s Day celebration to be a lovely day not just for them, but all of their guests. So we went all out!
Petals and roses galore, and there was no stopping us with the candles!
Look at this mountain of petals for the cake!! It was so amazing!!
The Grand Finale!!! Sparklers Forever!!

Thank you to Studio Castillero for the images!!
& Krista Cremidan for the ever-so-helpful coordination!
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